Marvel strike force hand team

The most exciting part of the Marvel strike force is the PvP battles where thrill multiplies. Players usually make a mistake of taking the process of choosing players very lightly for their team.

marvel strike force hand team

But this is the most crucial task in the game. For a real adventure, your team players should be influential. In this guide, we are going to tell you the Marvel Strike Forces Best teams to double the fun. However, all the players are impeccable in Marvel strike force, but we are going to mention the best ones to team up together to double their powers. Page Contents. Both of them work great when combined together and primarily when the opponent relies on rebuffs.

Do check out marvel strike force hack and cheats to earn free coins and power cores in Ultron can single-handedly finish the game when the whole team is unable to finish-up on time. To bang on the last-minute enemies, Ultron is considered as the star performer of the game. Magneto is the king of this squad. When played solely, he is not a wonder, but by pairing with Juggernaut and Pyro, the squad will smash all the records by gaining additional DPS.

Captain Marvel is the other powerful beast that is hard-hitting, unstoppable, and heals itself. Meanwhile, Ultron finishes all the remaining work by completing all the enemies left. This is one of the best teams in Marvel Strike Force. Namor plays the central role in the squad.

marvel strike force hand team

The whole fantastic four is the Best Marvel Strike Force team, which becomes a deadly combination when paired with Namor. Other than that, he even gets additional benefits used in the Alliance War. His Ultimate ability always slows down the speed of the enemies and, while his passive offense up to his fantastic four squads in PvP mode. All the squad combined makes it the best teams in Marvel Strike Force with deadly heroes. Defenders are always the best pick in Arena Defence mode, and this is also not a very powerful team, just like the aforementioned Marvel Strike Force best teams.

The only thing why we are mentioning this team is that it is easier to obtain. For the deadly battles, the team relies on the hard-hitting AOE of Punisher and the decent synergies of Ms. Marvel has both Hero and Bowler trait that works hard against enemies.

marvel strike force hand team

This is also the best blitz team Marvel Strike Force with great defenders and unique abilities. Here, Nick Fury and Agent Coulson are the two most influential players on which the whole squad depends.Is Hand Team any good self.

I know his summons will hit like trucks but will the team as a whole get better for any uses other than blitz? Nobu does a great job fueling mordo's passive giving mordo health and ability energy when the mystic summons get defeated Sentry and sorceress keep the team alive, the rest have relatively high single target damage output. It can work in higher blitz but needs a relatively specific matchup.

You can make a decent villain team with Nobu, Hand Sentry, and Kingpin. Hand archer can clear taunt off Thanos, but all the other Hand characters are trash. Not sure2win but pretty good with correct team selection.

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They are worth some investment simply because of the relic hunt event. Even if you don't build them into a top tier blitz team, putting some work into them will still pay off once every month or so.

I would put them on the lowest priority though of all your teams needed. Well that just sucks.


I was all excited because of the RS pull. Thanks for the info. Will level him up for ABC's and some fun in blitz st least. I see why he isn't farmable. Know one would waste the resources. Im using nobu, sentry, sorceress, blademaster and archer. I use them in raids and blitz and they work really well for me. I'm really close to unlocking Nobu and he's got decent RS. It's the only team I can see that makes sense for that campaign, otherwise I just have a random mis-match of guys who are equally badly geared out.

Anyone else done that? No way would that work.

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For mystic you'll need a variety. Primarily: thanos, mordo, yondu, hand sentry, scarlet witch and Loki. Possible early sub ins would be thor and for chapter 1 maybe hand sorceress. Some people used black panther but I didn't as I found him to be lack luster in the damage department. Blade master has high damage but is ultra squishy. I'm building my F2P Villains team for Campaign.

Is this a solid team? Only Bullseye has been invested in.Question Best Hand Team? So - just unlocked Nobu. Now have all 7 Hand toons. Who are the two to leave out when making an all Hand team? Obviously going to center around Nobu, Electra, Sentry and probably Sorceress. That leaves me to pick between archer, blade master and assassin.

If I had to choose, archer is probably better for that purge, but blademaster is still a solid choice. Typically people leave out Electra and assassin. Electra because she fits well on other teams, and assassin because she's probably the weakest of the bunch.

That gives you a team that includes taunt, AOE, heal block, good damage, stealth and evade. Archer has a mass debuff which is extremely useful for removing all kinds of buffs defense up, speed, heal,etc.

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He is an easy grind from Arena shards. Electras second attack is great for removing taunt from an enemy.

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Blade Master hits very hard when maxed out. I dont use sentry because Sorceress' mass heal and defense up makes up for the need of mass stealth. Assassin is similar to Blade Master as they are both hard hitters, but I was able to acquire Blade Master pretty quickly. Nobu goes witihout saying. He is amazing. I just wish I could rank him up more. Honestly I use an all hand team on tier 8.

Beginner Guide to Legendary Farming - Marvel Strike Force - MSF

Nobu and Electra can be better used on other teams. Depends on enemies setup.We also have Blitzes scampering your way, Fun in the Sun events to take a crack at, and double shards for our sinister city-dwellers for you to hightail it to.

Kick butt and eat nuts with Squirrel Girl! Doreen Green — a. She possesses superhuman strength, agility, claws, a prehensile tail, and healing factor. Marvel, all of whom have had their abilities updated to work well with the team.

And rounding out the updates is Ms. Heal all allies for an additional percentage of this character's Max Health. Assemble a team with the limited-time Friendship trait and join Squirrel Girl as she investigates a mystery surrounding the dangerous new faculty members teaching classes at Empire State University. Bond with less-than-friendly neighborhood character shards by engaging in battles, using Campaign Energy, and spending Gold.

Immediately up next is Raining Gold: earn 2x Gold rewards from all Campaign nodes. Drop the hammer on Ronan character shards in the Accuser Blitz, and then renew your allegiance to A. For 24 hours, the following Campaign nodes will pay out double character shards for Sinister Six members:. Event where Hand shard rewards are doubled in these Campaign nodes for 24 hours:.

Latest Updates 4. The Mutant Scientist July 10, The Squirrel Whisperer July 3, Fun in the Sun June 26, Crackdown on Blitz Cheating June 25, The Top-Secret Weapon June 19, All Together Now June 12, The Teenage Timebomb June 5, Lady Luck May 29, Ebony Maw Issues May 28, The Power Armor Prodigy May 22, Black and Ebony May 15, Captain Marvel Character Shards May 14, Raid Difficulty Selector Details May 13, The Black Order Axeman May 8, The Master Mercenary May 1, Context for Challenge Changes April 24, Chaos Theory April 23, Ability Enhancements Challenge Issue April 22, Fight for Earth April 17, Red Stars Economy Update April 17, The Hidden Assassin April 10, Marvel Strike Force is home to an exhausting list of Marvel characters.

The opportunity to mix and match heroes and villains is part of the fun, and you can come up with some crazy combinations. However, not every combination is going to work. Synergy is an integral part of Marvel Strike Force. His debuffs will always apply, if not most of the time, which activates Wolverine and another ally to follow up with attacks.

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Colossus is mainly there for tanking and support. He can taunt, counter, deflect, and apply offensive debuffs. However, his abilities are improved if Phoenix is an ally. Phoenix has her own set of supportive abilities and is basically the opposite of Psylocke. Rather than transferring negative effects, Phoenix removes positive effects from the opposing team. But if she dies, she absorbs negative effects and is reborn as Dark Phoenix. The Spooky Team makes use of mystic and supernatural characters, and perform incredibly well in Alliance War as a defensive team.

Elsa Bloodstone is not only great on the offensive, but also provides some excellent support based on the number of Mystics and Supernaturals on her team. Mystic allies are granted increased critical strike, while the presence of Supernatural allies grants Elsa Bloodstone increased damage.

The cherry on top is her passive ability, allowing her to punish any enemy that dodges or misses, provided there are at least three Supernatural allies on your team. Mordo and Scarlet Witch are the champions of negative effects in this team. Scarlet Witch makes up for her lack of heavy-hitting damage for applied random negative effects, redistribution of ally health, and buffs like Deflect. Mordo, on the other hand, can apply random negative effects, blind, stun, and heal block.

If an ally Mystic falls, he gets a heal and energy boost. He can summon additional Ultron minions, buff defense, has the strongest single-target ability in Marvel Strike Forceand can even revive allies. You build your team around Ultron.

She does this with both targeted heals and a siphon attack that steals health from the enemy and gives it to allies. She too is an integral part of any Raid team, provided you synergize with her. Scientist Supreme is primarily a support character. She has the uncanny ability to take negative effects from her team and turn them into positives.

In fact, other A.They have no strengths at all. There only use in the game is the Relic Hunt, which is alright, and that you can use two of the characters to unlock the legendary Phoenix character in Nobu and Hand Assassin. The Palm can be a ninja buy that acts a demon referenced by people because the Monster. To prove her worth to Stick, leader of the Chaste, Elektra planned to infiltrate the Hand and destroy them from within.

Instead, she was tricked by the Hand into killing her former sensei. It was only later that Elektra was able to break free and escape their control.

Years afterwards, the Fingers acquired Stick reaches New Yorkaiding his older pupil Daredevil Matthew Murdock take care of the short-term decrease in his radar impression.

The best teams in Marvel Strike Force

Members of the Hand readied for an immediate attack. The Hand overwhelmed Stick, who only managed to defeat his attackers when he and Shaft, another member of the Chaste, drew the life essences from the evil ninja.

The process, however, killed both Stick and Shaft. The Hand knew they were close to victory over their longtime foes. They stole the body of Elektra, who had been killed by the assassin Bullseye, and took steps to resurrect her. Daredevil, the Black Widow and Stone, the new leader of the Chaste, prevented Elektra from again becoming part of the Hand.

marvel strike force hand team

Since she was now pure of spirit, Elektra was finally allowed to become a member of the Chaste. In the future, the Fingers focused on locating the reincarnation of Put, with the knowledge that doing so can assist them destroy the Chaste completely. Daredevil and Stone fended off the Hand, and the Chaste determined that Baby Karen was the reincarnation of its former leader.

The Hand has also observed Elektra, watching from afar to see whether they can bring her back to their side. They have killed anyone who has tried to interfere with their unknown plans for her. Elektra recently thwarted an attempt by the Hand to bring their Beast into the Earthly realm.It is not possible to list all the superheroes and villains in MARVEL Strike Force: There are so many of them that you need to prepare 3 — 4 different guides even just for listing all!

But we can give answers to some of the questions that everyone is curious about. For example, which are the best heroes in the game? What are the things that make them the best? If you are wondering which heroes you need to focus on and which characters you should use to complete missions, keep reading: With this guide, we will give you the answers to all these questions.

Well, which characters are better for this job and how many shards do you need for unlocking them? Luke Cage is a tank you can get for free at the beginning of the game and he is a good tank until endgame, but you have to choose one of the following two characters for challenging missions and raids.

Kingpin is a more difficult character to play because he does not have direct taunt skills. However, bodyguards he summons can be particularly effective at high levels. However, since she can be unlocked with only 15 shards, Hand Sorceress will be especially useful during campaign missions. Night Nurse, on the other hand, can be used at every stage of the game.

Gamora is ideal for players who want to see high damage scores on the screen because she can make very high critical strikes.

Gamora, however, is a better choice for raid missions. Nobu is a handy character, especially for raid missions. You do not need to use him during campaign missions.

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Quake is one of the most ideal crowd control characters for almost every mission type, because she does AoE attacks and works like a debuff machine. Hero and villain characters can be on the same team, but remember that some skills will be more effective on other hero and villain team members.

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For this reason, we recommend that you build your team entirely with either heroes or villains. Good luck on saving the world! Effects multiple targets at higher levels. Basic taunt ability. Grants Defense buff for 1 turn. At higher levels, can lower the ability cooldown CD period of team members. At higher levels, he can summon up to 3 bodyguards.

Can be upgraded to 2. Can be upgraded to points. Can be upgraded to 1. Apply Counter buff to 4 allies. Can be upgraded to 10 allies. Very useful in raids.


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